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World Class Equine offers full service custom embroidery on most of our products. Our services include; image & logo digitization, lettering in a wide range of fonts, and a variety of stock images.

Embroidery Threads

We use Madeira USA Polyneon 40 embroidery thread and we stock over 40 colors. If we don’t stock the color you are looking for, we do accept custom orders. Please contact us for more information. Additional charges may apply.

Colors we stock:

Brown (1565), Teal (1577), Pink (1584), Silver (1610), Grey (1615), Rust (1621), Green (1651), Fawn (1656), Light Brown (1657), Dark Brown (1659), Sage (1668), Antique Gold (1673), Pumpkin (1678), Mint (1702), Dark Forest Green (1704), Lavender (1711), Flamingo (1721), Royal Purple (1722), Yellow (1724), Red (1747), Lime (1748), Emerald (1751), Penny (1753), Medium Brown (1758), Gold (1772), Autumn (1773), Burgundy (1784), Turquoise (1799), Black (1800), Super White (1801), Chrome (1811), Peach (1820), Cranberry (1835), Blue (1842), Baby Blue (1874), Lilac (1880), Tan (1884), Camel (1885), Burnt Orange (1898), Hot Pink (1910), Rose (1917), Pewter (1918), Bubblegum (1921), Purple (1922), Royal Blue (1934), Ivory (1949), Navy (1975), Sunflower (1980), Mauve (1998).


Samples of our most popular fonts are shown below. If you don’t see what you are looking for other options are available. Please contact us for more information.

  • The default block font is Adelle.
  • The default script font is Handy Script.
  • The default font for vertical embroidery is Adelle.
  • The default font for halters is Serif3.
Name Former Name Notes Preview
3D Block 2 Swiss
3D Block 2 preview image
Adelle Brussels Default block font and vertical embroidery font.
Adelle preview image
Antique Rose N/A Use only on select capital letters, no numbers.
Antique Rose preview image
Ballentine Script N/A
Ballentine Script preview image
Chancery Calgary
Chancery preview image
Felt Tip N/A
Felt Tip preview image
Flares Alaska
Flares preview image
Handy Script Chelsea Default script font.
Handy Script preview image
Old English N/A
Old English preview image
Serif 3 N/A Default font for halters.
Serif 3 preview image
Viking N/A No lowercase letters.
Viking preview image

Image Digitization

There is no additional charge for plain text embroidery. Logos and images that are not pre-digitized are subject to a one-time digitization fee.

Stock Images

Please refer to the Stock Images page for more information.

Stock Image List