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World Class Equine is the premier manufacturer of innovative products for the horse industry. Looking for items that every horse enthusiast needs? We've got it. You've come to the right place.

Original Haybag

Original Haybag

Our "original heavy-duty" haybag was the first high-tech quality design on the market. This unique design has a flexible steel band reinforced in the top of the haybag for easy loading of the hay. We use the finest metal hardware for durability. 

Colors:  Black only


Mesh Bottom Haybag

Mesh Bottom Haybag

Same as original Haybag but with a Mesh Bottom.

Colors: Black


economy Haybag

Economy Haybag

Made of our 600 Denier Polyester with vinyl backing and a large feeder hole. Easily opens to hold several flakes of hay. 

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Red, Purple, Navy.

See fabric chart


Slow feed haybag

Slow Feed Hay Bag

Made of the same heavy-duty vinyl as our Original H100 and Mesh Bottom H200 with a top band of flexible steel and heavy plastic for easy loading of hay. Webbing holes are 2 1/2” square on FRONT and BACK of bag and designed to aid in slow feeding for better digestion. Size is 23” wide x 26” tall and can be personalized easily. This bag reduces hay waste.

Colors: Black only